Yattendon Estate, Thatcham, Berks

Yettendon1At the Yattendon Estate in Berkshire, milk quality and animal welfare have always been the primary considerations. The Estate’s DeLaval 20/20 rapid exit milking parlour was installed in 2003, but much of the milking system had to be replaced following the catastrophic floods of July 2007 when rising dirty waters caused pollution. The work was undertaken by T H WHITE, who later went on to install Megafans in Yettendon’s sheds.

“The results of that have been dramatic,” enthuses Yattendon’s Farms Director Alastair Jeffrey. “The atmosphere in the sheds is cool and fresh, the cows are relaxed and content, and milk yield increased by 0.68%, or 91 litres per cow per annum!”

Yattendon2Subsequent addition of AirWash Plus to the parlour has further enhanced the outstanding conditions at Yattendon, making milking easier and again reducing stress on the cows. DeLaval’s Proactive teat dip is used in the system and this has proved highly effective in controlling mastitis.

“T H WHITE has really made a difference to our business,” concludes Alastair. “If ever you have a problem and pick up the phone to them, everything just seems to be sorted.”