Y Farms Partnership, Shepton Mallett

Y Farms rotaryThe Y Farms Partnership at Shepton Mallett has a clear view of the future of dairy industry, and that is to maximise the economy of scale. Today, the DeLaval 64-stall parallel rotary parlour is milking 700 cows three times a day, and the plan is to milk up to 2,000 cows, possibly offering milking services to neighbouring farms.

AirWash Plus, which has been fitted to the rotary parlour from new, is saving two and a half hours a day in milking time and also saves on labour costs as less staff are needed to milk. Y Farms Manager Dominic Salter is impressed: “The environment for the operators is fantastic and is conducive to working a ‘normal’ 50-hour week! The continuous cow flow makes it possible for the milker to work without any interruptions, only leaving his station to attend to a cow or machine with a problem. With this kind of throughput AirWash Plus helps to keep the cows healthy and takes away a lot of worry for the herdsmen.”