Ian Wadman, Gillingham, Dorset

WadmanIan Wadman operates a Fulwood herringbone parlour equipped with Milkright liners for milking his Jersey herd, a combination that he had no wish to change when looking for an automatic dip and rinse system. AirWash Plus suited his needs perfectly.

Installation was fast and effective, resulting in peace of mind for Ian and minimal stress for his cows. AirWash Plus was neatly connected to the existing parlour with no dangling pipes or other clutter, and removal of the old teat sprays has created a cleaner, more spacious parlour.

Since the system was put in, the time needed for each milking has been reduced by more than 30 minutes which has enabled Ian to increase the herd from 180 to 200 cows without any overall increase in milking time. Labour costs have dropped and milking is now less stressful for both Ian and the cows.

The somatic cell count has stayed below 150 since AirWash Plus has been in use and its heading towards the 100 mark, while Bactoscan has been maintained at 10 or below. It all means that the Wadman family has been able to devote more time to looking after the general health and welfare of the cows, leading to increased milk production.

“A happy cow will always produce more milk,” says Ian!